And we’re back

And we’re back

As you know Alloporus has been down for a few months, mentally and electronically. Now, suitably rested, ‘ideas for healthy thinking’ is back.

I’m not sure what will come up in this reboot because during the break some competition for the ideas bandwidth has emerged.

Over at afterbefore we have an updated site that includes a new blog with thoughts on the future of agriculture. Feel free to add comments on our 10 big things we need for global food security.

Alloporus environmental is also getting a new site that will feature posts on natural resources and evidence. More on that one soon

Explanations of how to use evidence have continued on LinkedIn with a series of posts for the professional audience.

I’m guessing that this blog will become more commentary than content and maybe a little clogged with cross-postings.

If you get bored, there is always the archive or a binge watch on Netflix.

May the thoughts be with you


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