Missing Something

Hope for consumers in a warm, crowded world

MissingSomethoing3DcoverSEvery hour of every day 8,000 more human beings join the global community. As our numbers and standard of living rise we squeeze ever more resources from nature. Never before has one species been so successful and so effective in changing the world.

Rather than celebrate, so often we are made to feel guilty. We are told that we stand on the environmental cliff about to fall onto the rocks of global warming, pollution and starvation below.

Will we plunge or not? Missing something is a book that helps you decide. It is a light and sometimes amusing view of our vexatious love affair with the environment seen from the disparate trenches of academia, business and a long practical experience of the environment.

You can order your copy of Missing Something from Amazon right now.

Just released | Kindle ebook version of Missing Something 

Environmental issues for real

New ebook from J. Mark Dangerfield published at Smashwords in all the common mobile formats.

Environmental Issues for RealEnvironmental Issues for Real by Dr J. Mark Dangerfield looks at some of the obvious, and some of the not so obvious, challenges for a growing human populations living as we do in a finite world. Only this time it’s not about the impending disasters or the guilt or the blame. This time, it’s 10 brief essays that are about the bigger picture. In less than an hour you could glimpse something different, a view that we can only see when we take a fresh look.

Download a copy of Environmental Issues for Real for just $0.99 at Smashwords

How to love nature when you live in the city – Ten top tips

New ebook from J. Mark Dangerfield published at Smashwords in all the common mobile formats.

How to love nature - Ten top tipsTen top tips from author Dr J. Mark Dangerfield for those of us who enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life and wouldn’t change it for the world. Yet we know that there might be something missing. That something is our innate love of nature that goes further than watching wildlife documentaries on our plasma screens. These tips help keep that connection real, even when we live in the city.

Download a FREE copy of How to love nature when you live in the city for your mobile device at Smashwords.

Stories for a change

New ebook from J. Mark Dangerfield published at Smashwords in all the common mobile formats.

Stories for a change  come from the real world, they tell us about where we are and where we are going, and what it is like to be looking at nature with clouded eyes.

Ten unusual short stories from author Dr J. Mark Dangerfield that explain where we are in a world we have changed. Compelling tales about the environment that will provoke, soothe and inspire. There is a story about a loaf of bread, one about the industry of ants and a tragedy for a farming family; plus seven more compelling tales with awareness at their core. Short story aficionados will enjoy the breadth and environment people will find some resonance. It would be great if every undergraduate read them on their mobile device of choice.

Download a copy of Stories for a change for your mobile device at Smashwords for just $5.99

Awkward news for greenies and everyone else

Are you concerned about the environment?
Is global warming a worry?
Do you want to know if we can save endangered species?
Do you want to do the right thing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it is time to try something new.

To take a fresh look at the challenges of a warm, crowded world. A more considered, objective view that recognises we are here, that we have a footprint and that it is going to get bigger before we soften it and tread more lightly.

Awkward News for GreeniesWhat if our environmental challenges were presented as balanced, considered analysis and discussion?

What if the facts were bare and the interpretations clear?

What if the science was aligned to our feelings – to our needs, wants and desires?

Then you could make up your own mind on environmental issues from global warming and biodiversity, to how we will achieve sustainability in our use of natural resources.

Here is how.

Grab your copy of Awkward News for Greenies from Createspace or Amazon

Mark Dangerfield, an ecologist from the Blue Mountains and Ashley Bland, an Environmental Engineer from Bathurst, have collaborated on what they believe is an environment book like no other.

It will pick you up, dust you off and put a skip backing your step.

With a mix of fact, story and ideas, Mark and Ashley weave an engaging text that seeks ultimately to guide you onto a path of wisdom.

Awkward news for Greenies and everyone else is loaded with fundamental principles about how the environment works and the impact we humans are unwittingly having upon it.

Reading this book will leave you with a new found respect for the earth, a greater understanding of the way nature and humanity combine and how individuals can choose a sustainable future for us all.

Buy your copy from Amazon

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