Golf scores

Springwood Golf Club 10th green

How retentive is this?

For the last 5 years each time I come home from playing golf I have recorded my score on a spreadsheet.

If that wasn’t bizarre enough I plot the scores, handicap calculations, number of puts per round and even the consecutive times I can keep the over par score in single digits for 9 holes [133 is the record].

The longer this habit goes on the harder it is to break. Every time I try to ignore my score, I make a mental note of it and later open the spreadsheet to enter the numbers.

Why do I do this? The scores have no bearing on competitions, as I haven’t played in one for a decade. I don’t even have an official handicap. The numbers only make comparisons against myself.

I could put it down to the weirdness of the human condition or perhaps that I am nuts. Both unsatisfying explanations I think. Here is another.

What if it is about satisfying a deep the need to know what has gone before, so as to help predict an uncertain future? If I have a record of what has happened, the more confidence I will have in future events. And the longer the past record the more reliable is my prediction of the future.

This satisfies my left-brain dominance and the logic confirms that I cannot be nuts.

Except that it is not true either. The only reason I write down my golf scores is to make me feel good. It fuels my ego by working as a record of achievement. Even if there is a bad score, better ones can follow. My egoic self revels in the contest… against myself.

This is classic pleasure and a pain. It sets up and fuels an internal conflict and pampers the very thing I want to loose. It is definitely not the path to enlightenment.

Todays score was a 38 on the back 9 with 14 putts.

Pure genius #1 Fireman minion

I am frequently inspired by what for me are moments of pure genius.

They can be creative, inspirational, an expression of athletic talent or just moments when the vastness of the universe floods through a human soul into the present moment.

I thought it might be nice to record and share them as a series of posts. Here is the first.

Pure genius #1 | Bee Daw, Bee Daw

Minions, the adorable yellow blobs of magic in the Despicable Me movies are a fantastic invention.

It is amazing how so much warmth and charm can pour out of an animated character in the shape of a bean. The first pure genius moment is the fireman minion scene in Despicable Me 2 when the minion responsible for the fire alarm has his loud haler taken away.

Incredulity mixed with shock and resignation… and impeccable comic timing, pure genius. It creases me up every time.

Needless to say Youtube has the clip.

A new alloporus

Elephant-01So here we have a new post on a new look template with the prospect of new topics and a reinvention of Alloporus.

Oh no, not again. He’s said this so many times before.

Well maybe you’re right. Change is a constant everywhere except in our own minds where we are limpets to the past in some vain attempt to stay stable and comforted. So to reinvent the muse is a challenge.

Regular readers will know that my attempt to be glass half full on topics environmental that was promised in post #100 has obviously failed. The next 100 were more cynical than ever. Perhaps jaded edges and gray hair are inevitabilities for persons of a certain age. ‘Grumpy Old Men’ was a great show because the actors just had to be themselves and play to a ready made grumpy old audience.

This means I will need a plan if things are to change.

It begins by writing about topics other than the debacle that is our management of the environment — see how hard it is — without any special purpose. I am not sure if a scientist can do this as it means putting aside a powerful legacy. Eons of determinism and adherence to logic must step aside for themes without obvious physical purpose. It is what it is and all that.

Naturally there are plenty of topics: golf, cricket, soccer… well also spirituality, the meaning of life, yoga, politics, diets, sex, cooking, kids [and adult kids], parents… Life clearly gives us plenty to think about and most are worth writing about.

In the spirit of the new Alloporus that is about as far as the plan goes. The only real rule is that I will try to stay clear of the environment but it will be difficult and I know that the odd ‘sounds crazy’ will sneak in because they are usually too bizarre to miss.

I hope you watch this space as keenly as I must.

Here we go and comment away. Have your say.