Climate change wisdom

Climate change is a conundrum, a hard or puzzling question.

We are told that we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions or global catastrophe will befall us. Some places on earth will enter crippling drought, only to be inundated when the rains finally return.

Elsewhere hurricanes and severe storms will unleash themselves on homes and farms with more power and force than ever before. The ocean will submerge some low-lying islands as sea levels rise.

Global warming is going to leave the earth parched or flooded with effects on agriculture, water and our environment.

Some say all of this is human induced, we are to blame, but it is OK because we can fix it.

Others disagree, the climate skeptics say climate change is either a myth or is just natural and we just have to get used to it.

Who should you believe? What can you do?

It seems that non-one can be sure.

Surely with all our knowledge and smarts we can be better informed about the world we live in.

  • Is it important that we know exactly what global warming means and if it is real?
  • Do we need to understand the causes and effects of climate change?
  • Is it all the fault of our lavish lifestyles and those nasty greenhouse gas emissions?
  • And, most importantly, should we be worried?
  • Should you be worried?

Climate-change-wisdom is a website I put together to gather clear, simple and (hopefully) unbiased information on these questions into pages of explanations and knowledge.

Check out some Climate-change-wisdom for yourself.

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