Hi, my name is Mark Dangerfield and this is a bit about me.

I trained as an ecologist in the mud and rain of the UK, then escaped; first to a decade of solace in the warmth of African savannas and then, in 1996, to the forests and paddocks of Australia. I have never grown a beard or dreadlocks and am as comfortable in a business suit as shorts and field boots. I am passionate about the objective use of science to understand and manage our environment because at the moment I think we do a poor job at both.

I have held faculty positions at Universities in the UK, Africa and Australia helping undergraduate and postgraduate students understand biodiversity, ecology, statistics, soil biology and wildlife management, and in 1999 I received an Outstanding Teacher Award from Macquarie University.

In 2001 I took a break from academia as founder and CEO of Biotrack Australia Pty Ltd, a company that developed and provided services to measure the health and performance of the environment. As this foray was a little ahead of its time in early 2006 I joined the Faculty of Science at the University of Technology Sydney as Associate Professor and Director of Centre Expertise for Environment.

Over the years I have served on many government committees and currently I am the science representative on the NSW Natural Resource Advisory Council.

In March 2008 I left the academic sector to pursue a new career as an author and environmental consultant. Recently I  have been busy with the carbon offset markets, especially forest and agriculture projects.

Still enjoying the whole blog thing.

May 2011

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