There are times in life when even great enthusiasm, intent and tenacity are not quite enough.

This is not what we are told of course. Mostly we are assured that we can. Just keep at it and your dreams will come true, whatever they may be.

No doubt this is a crucial message for the young faced with uncertainty about their personal and the global future. Otherwise it would be too easy for them to lapse into self-fulfilling failure.

Yet at a certain time of life “yes we can” rings hollow, like a huge resonating bell without a hammer to ring it. Before you realise it ‘maybe we can’t’ seems so much more plausible given a lifetime of evidence.

Rather than burden others with this negativity, Alloporus is taking a break for a while… at least six months is recommended.

A huge thanks to the kind souls who do occasional read the thoughts on this blog. It is good to know that even one person reads what was written.

Till next time.