Pure genius #1 Fireman minion

I am frequently inspired by what for me are moments of pure genius.

They can be creative, inspirational, an expression of athletic talent or just moments when the vastness of the universe floods through a human soul into the present moment.

I thought it might be nice to record and share them as a series of posts. Here is the first.

Pure genius #1 | Bee Daw, Bee Daw

Minions, the adorable yellow blobs of magic in the Despicable Me movies are a fantastic invention.

It is amazing how so much warmth and charm can pour out of an animated character in the shape of a bean. The first pure genius moment is the fireman minion scene in Despicable Me 2 when the minion responsible for the fire alarm has his loud haler taken away.

Incredulity mixed with shock and resignation… and impeccable comic timing, pure genius. It creases me up every time.

Needless to say Youtube has the clip.

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