After 17 hours of negotiation there is a deal. And not the one most people expected. The Greek prime minister is persuaded into accepting a bailout.

Perhaps this was always going to be the outcome. The 17 hours was just a haggle over the details. Or maybe it really was a period of intense negotiation. Only the people who were there have any chance of knowing.

Except the psychologists tell us that we make most decisions in a split second. The new handbag is after all just a click away. Our brains think fast on such matters. Instinct or desire easily and instantly make the decision for us.

Decisions on the fate of a nation must be more methodical. The pros and cons sifted and viewed from every possible angle. You’d think.

Proponents would have to present the options and their consequences, preferably with some evidence. You’d think.

The PM would have to consider, ask many questions and consult with experienced advisors. He’d want to see some numbers. A projection or two on how the deal is likely to pan out. You’d think.

In fact there is no way that 17 hours is enough for serious evaluation. The smartest communicators on the planet could not condense the complexity is so short a time. You’d think.

I have a hunch that actually not much thinking went on, just persuasion.

Or maybe the deal was done already and the talking was just face saving.

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