You are what you are and not what you have

Springwood golf clubThis week I am in a state of high anticipation. Secretly I am quite excited and counting down the sleeps to two very different and hugely contrary events.

Next weekend is my first yoga workshop. This will be the first time I have been to class more than once in a week let alone a day. Such a concentration of unpronounceable asanas has the potential to transport me from a stretch class attendee to a full-fledged hemp kaftan wearer… or not, depending on how it goes.

The second event is the arrival at the local shop of my brand new, custom fitted, top-of-the-range golf clubs. Now I am having trouble counting this one down as the delivery from the US can take anything up to a month… ‘or less’ said the guy in the shop who was so helpful he now feels like a good mate. Not knowing exactly when they will get here makes the anticipation even more acute. I can’t wait.

So you see my quandary and perhaps a wonderful example of middle age.

Yoga is about finding the truth within and I love that, even when my ribs cramp up in the middle of some unnaturally contorted pose. And I also love that I get so excited by my own penchant for consumer goods even though it is so contrary to mountaintop contemplation.

Mostly I love that I am in the hugely privileged position to do both these things and that that is what I am, a hugely fortunate individual born in a good time and place.

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