Do they think we are stupid?

Astonishing! That is all I can say. This morning I was astonished, shocked and speechless at what I heard on the radio.
ABC Sydney 702 presenter Deborah Cameron was on the phone to the NSW Minister for Environment and Climate Change Carmel Tebbutt. Very good, a senior Minister and Deputy Premier providing sound bites to the masses on issues of the day….only the topic was this:
The NSW Government is helping introduce technology that will capture the fumes, sorry I should say carbon emissions, from every petrol bowser in Sydney. That’s the smelly stuff you can see drifting skyward in tiny wisps as you fill your tank with liters of liquid carbon.
Yes, of course. Why did I not think of that? The Clean Development Mechanism take note, the solution to our carbon glut is at hand.

Do they think we are completely stupid?
Maybe they do, just maybe they do.

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